About Us

Greenwell Biotech Private Limited is a perfect blend of creation and dedicated effort of highly experienced personnel’s towards a successful growing future in micro propagation of several commercial and medicinal plants.


We are a balanced team comprising of well experienced directors and young engineers that make a strong technical team. The balanced management of our experts and creative thinking of our experienced engineers assure quality service and perfectly tailored solutions.

Greenwell Biotech Private Limited is into Agricultural, Horticulture, forestry and medicinal plant development and promotions throughout the world. We maintain stringent quality standards coupled with the latest research findings in the technology and can lay claims to superior cloned plants with lowest level of rejection.

We take the advantage of micro propagation technology. Sincere approach has been made by our young engineers and experienced technical advisory board for developing an industry in core biotech field with their novel approach to generate a business organization, suitable to the changing social needs and prosperity. We have tissue culture laboratory with production capacity of two million plants in our own High-tech Lab. We are a growing biotech company in Hosur,Bangalore. We undertake foreign assignments as well as Domestic assignments.